Thursday, July 2, 2009


Receive him as myself - Paul in the Epistle to Philemon

When I first realized what an effect that networking could have on a job search, it seemed to me a bit like nepotism - the practice of doling out the best jobs and favors to relatives. As I've become more involved in the hiring process, I've realized how little can truly be discovered about a person from a resume and job interview. The place I work has a very thorough job interview process - involving a half dozen (or more) 45 minute interviews with different people. Even with this type of process, I often feel like we don't have nearly enough information.

When the candidate was referred by a current employee of the company, however, the situation is different. The interview can, to some extent, determine their skills in communication or technical work - and the referrer can vouch for the candidates work ethic and honesty. That vital combination gives far more information than either alone could.

Networking can thus be a very valuable way to find ways for the people who know you and your work ethic to express that confidence to potential employers.

It can be difficult to build up the connections necessary to find a job that will work out well - there are lots of resources about successful networking, including this on Provident Living:

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