Saturday, March 20, 2010

Finding a Happy Money Medium

I just read a great post titled The Balance Between Splurger and Miser. It's from one of our favorite sites, Get Rich Slowly. April Dykman writes about how she has struggled with money, first spending money she didn't have, and then later almost refusing to spend at all, even though she had money to spare. Now she's finding a happy medium. Everyone should read it.

Dykman's post is a reminder that money is not just something to keep or lose. It is a way of expressing our priorities. If we truly value something, maybe we should spend more on it. (And we can always cut back on things we care less about.)

At the end of her post, she makes a list of things that are important to her, things that are worth a little extra.

My list would include eating healthy food, having supplies to build and create, helping people, and visiting family, among others.

What would you include? Does your spending reflect the things that are most important to you?

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Molly said...

I just went through yet another rainy season without purchasing a waterproof biking jacket. I just never want to spend money on one. So instead I wear a big bulky jacket and get too warm or I wear my windbreaker, pretending it's waterproof, and end up soaked. On Saturday I finally coughed up $65 a bought one that I found on sale. (And a cute one at that.) Now I feel stupid for not getting one 3 years ago. It should have been a priority, but I was treating it like a splurge. Now I know.

Also, I love that you include "having supplies to build and create" as something that is important to you. I wholeheartedly agree, but had never thought about it that way.

I have decided that healthy foods, a *reasonable* amount of craft supplies, and a *reasonable* collection of cute clothes I actually want to wear, and $50 contributions to charities that pop up and peak my interest are important to me.