Sunday, August 29, 2010

Lessons Learned, Money Saved

Here's a bit of money-saving inspiration from "The Simple Dollar:"

This is a fun list. I especially like the items that go "_________ isn't nearly as scary as it sounds." It's so true. A lot of times we spend money to get out of things that really aren't that bad.

What have I learned from trying to save money? Here are a few things, in random order:

1. It's fun to create money strategies and then watch our progress.
2. You realize a lot of things are completely unnecessary after you've put off buying them for a while.
3. Some things cost more to upgrade than others. For example, we could rent a tiny house (here in the bay area), or we could stick with our apartment and stay at the Four Seasons twice a month for the same total cost.
4. I love beans.
5. Buying things isn't as much fun as doing things. See this post.

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