Friday, November 27, 2009


I was reading a post in a blog on saving money, where the author discusses "the issue of when you cross the line from being financially savvy to being unethical." As an example, she describes a trip to a restaurant where she and her group were undercharged.

Though I think she and her group at the restaurant came to the wrong conclusion, Jennifer Schultz does at least address this point - which is often ignored by other similar publications.
A Holiday Dilemma

You'll notice that the commenters on the blog were all very solidly in the "be as ethical as possible" camp - and were surprised at her group's decision. I don't judge her that harshly, and just think that they were a bit foolish.

This reminds me of two of the common responses when people find a wallet on the ground:

  • Some will thank God for their good fortune, because they really needed the money.
  • Some will hope that they will be able to find the owner of the wallet, who might really need it.
But just like at the restaurant that undercharged, it isn't their money.

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