Thursday, June 25, 2009

Mommy Exercise Plan (for Cheap)

Mommies need exercise too... and more than we get just chasing toddlers. For many of my friends, the solution is to get a gym membership and leave their kids in the gym's daycare while they work out.

This works fine, but a gym membership is a big investment. It might be wise to first prove that you will use it. Make yourself a deal: exercise regularly for six weeks, and then if you still want to join a gym you can do it. Just make sure you continue what you have started.

For the cheaper and more adventurous mommies out there, here are a couple alternatives to the gym.

Run! Some people love to run and some don't. I love it. Mostly because it takes very little coordination. I get a whole new perspective, exploring my neighborhood on foot, and running just makes you feel good (especially when you go regularly and don't overdo it). Sometimes I go early in the morning before Jeremy leaves for work. He can stay home and watch the kids, and I get a jump start on my day. When that doesn't work out, I take the kids in our jogging stroller. The change of scenery keeps them entertained, and I get my exercise.

Walk! So many of the places we drive are within a mile or two. Walking is a great way to start exercising or supplement whatever else you are doing. If you were going to the post office anyway, you might as well boost your endurance at the same time.

Join your community. Many cities offer reasonably priced fitness classes for residents. Our city also has a pool where you can buy a punch pass for swimming laps. It is a much better deal than the local gyms. What do I do with the kids? Trade babysitting. A few of my friends meet at the pool twice a week, where half the moms watch the kids while the other moms swim, and then they switch. This is fun for the kids and easy on the moms.

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